Kanyana Wildlife | WILD Nights | Carnivorous Marsupials - Experience Perth Hills 23 January 2024
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Kanyana Wild Nights dasyurids

Kanyana Wildlife | WILD Nights | Carnivorous Marsupials

WILD Nights is an exciting talk series all about the nocturnal wildlife of Perth! Each talk looks at some of the amazing species that call Perth home and how we can make our gardens and spaces more wildlife friendly. They also offer the chance to meet some of our wildlife ambassadors and learn about the specialised care that wildlife hospitals provide. The talks are rich with science and our Zoologist/Conservation Biologist is always happy to answer questions, so these talks are perfect for adult learners, university students and high school students. Please note that primary aged students that love wildlife are more than welcome to attend with an adult, but some content may be advanced.

Discover the Dasyurids, a group of uniquely carnivorous marsupials. Learn about the locals and find out how to make Dasyurid-friendly spaces!

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