KSP Writers' Centre | Workshop | So You Want To Write Autofiction? - Experience Perth Hills 8 March 2024
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Katherine Susannah Prichard Writers' Centre

KSP Writers’ Centre | Workshop | So You Want To Write Autofiction?

Unlock the power of personal storytelling with this immersive autofiction workshop. Join award-winning author Jackie Bailey to learn the art of blending fact and fiction, staying true to the emotional core of the story whilst creating narrative pace and propulsion. This workshop offers practical techniques, insightful discussions, and constructive feedback to help you craft your story.

Target audience: Aspiring writers and memoirists interested in exploring the genre of autofiction, also known as autobiographical fiction/fictionalised memoir.

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KSP Writers’ Centre is a vibrant, not-for-profit incorporated organisation and registered DGR charity that runs competitions, residencies, fellowships, creative writing workshops, writing groups, events and retreats designed to offer time and space to write, free from distractions of everyday life.

Katharine Susannah Prichard was an author and historically significant person who lived most of her life in the Perth Hills. She was notably the first Australian novelist to gain international recognition for her 1915 novel, The Pioneers, which won the prestigious Hodder and Stoughton All Empire Literature Prize for Australasia. She was also wife to the famous Anzac hero, Hugo ‘Jim’ Throssell VC, and a controversial political activist and advocate for peace.

The KSP Writers’ Centre is located in Katherine’s former home.


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