Lightbody Being | Kundalini Activation & Bodywork - Experience Perth Hills 10 January 2024
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Lightbody Being Kundalini Activation

Lightbody Being | Kundalini Activation & Bodywork

Kundalini Activation is a form of energy transmission and bodywork that:

  • clears “trauma” from the body
  • balances and harmonises the body at the physical / mental / emotional level
  • transforms mental / emotional / sexual pain and dysfunction
  • helps to rewire and regulate the nervous system
  • prepares the body for Kundalini awakening
  • ignites the spiritual awakening journey and expands consciousness
  • supports the process of Kundalini rising and associated symptoms
  • leads to deeper embodiment and spiritual maturity

As the activation is an embodiment practice, it relieves us of our cognitive attachments, allowing us to drop into a much deeper space of universal intelligence and consciousness where phenomena can occur.

Everyone’s experience and journey with this energy transmission and bodywork is different, but most attendees report a powerful experience even in their first session, which deepens and evolves over time.

No previous experience is required. Come with an open mind and intention to surrender to the process.

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