Mundaring Arts Centre | Cultivating Slow-Making - Experience Perth Hills 31 August 2023
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Mundaring Arts Centre Slow Making

Mundaring Arts Centre | Cultivating Slow-Making

Curated by Annette Nykiel

Slow-making is a practice rooted in long-term relationships with craftsmanship. It involves nurturing connections with people, materials, and skills while caring for the environment. Cultivation encompasses skilful preparation, growth, and improvement of various aspects. It entails nurturing relationships between individuals, nature, and soil. Cultivators learn about local environments, optimize conditions for thriving, and communicate knowledge. Slow-making artists are mentors, facilitators, and agents of social change.


Nien Schwarz, Caitlin Stewart, Martien van Zuilen, Annette Nykiel, Kerrie Argent ,Tania Spencer, Tineke van der Eecken, Deidre Robb, and Lea Taylor

Hourly Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, and public holidays


Wednesday to Friday

10am - 5pm

Saturday & Sunday

11am - 3pm
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