Off the Beaten Track WA | Santas, Sunset & Serenade Hike - Experience Perth Hills 30 October 2023
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Off the Beaten Track WA | Santas, Sunset & Serenade Hike

Step into the enchanting world of Christmas with Off The Beaten Track WA! Join in for a night of pure Christmas cheer at this “Santas, Sunset & Serenade Hike”!

A Christmas Wonderland Awaits: As the sun paints the sky with its golden hues, watch the Serpentine Valley transform into a Christmas wonderland! The scenic beauty transitions into a symphony of twinkling lights and festive fragrances right from the top of Kitty’s Ridge.

Gift of Nature’s Beauty: Embark on a delightful 7km hike through the enchanting Serpentine National Park, leading you to the Kitty’s Gorge Ridge. There, we have a secluded granite outcrop ready for you, where nature’s gift to you is a breathtaking Christmas sunset and live performance by Eddy Pop. His melodic songs will fill your heart with the spirit of Christmas.

Secret Santa Magic: Experience the joy of giving and receiving with a Cheeky Secret Santa gift exchange. It’s the perfect way to share in the festive spirit and create magical memories with new friends.

Feast on Festive Delights: Savour the flavours of the season with a gourmet Christmas grazing board.

Dress in Your Christmas Best: Bring your holiday spirit to life by dressing up in your most festive Christmas attire! Plus there’s a special prize for the “Best Dressed” to be awarded on this magical night!

Come along for a night of joy, wonder and Christmas cheer!

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