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Paint n Sip | Cheers To That!

Faire & Co

Inspired by the captivating work of Angela Hawkey, this workshop promises an evening of fun, creativity, and a bit of texture.

Enjoy a three hour immersive session, where you’ll create your very own textured masterpiece. Faire’s skilled instructors will guide you through the process of using texture paste and acrylic paints to craft a stunning small square canvas. The theme for the evening? Your favourite alcoholic drink! Whether it’s a gin and tonic, a classic whiskey, or a vibrant cocktail, you’ll bring it to life with bold strokes and textured details.

It’s not just about painting; it’s about enjoying the process, sipping on a complimentary drink, and creating lasting memories.

This workshop is perfect for beginners and seasoned artists alike. All materials are provided, and no prior experience is necessary. Just bring your enthusiasm and a readiness to have fun.

For all the details, and to book, visit the website.

Event Information

- 9:30pm
Faire & Co
27 Haynes Street, Kalamunda


Faire & Co
27 Haynes Street, Kalamunda
organiser logo Faire & Co

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