Perth Observatory | Yuri's Night - Experience Perth Hills 21 September 2023
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Perth Observatory Yuri's Night

Perth Observatory | Yuri’s Night

Join the team from Perth Observatory on Yuri’s Night, commemorating the historic first human spaceflight and the inaugural launch of the Space Shuttle, for an extraordinary cinematic journey beneath the stars. Relive one of humanity’s most remarkable achievements – the Apollo 11 moon landing – as you are transported back to July 20, 1969, through the lens of the 2019 documentary, Apollo 11.

Apollo 11 is a spellbinding film that catapults you back to the pivotal moment when NASA’s Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins set foot on the lunar surface. Immerse yourself in never-before-seen footage and captivating audio recordings, and witness the iconic moments of the first manned moon landing with unprecedented clarity. Following the screening, delve deeper into Apollo 11 with a stimulating Q&A session featuring the film’s Executive Producer/Archive Producer, Stephen Slater.

For further information, and to book, visit the website.

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