Restful Waters | Sonic Immersion Sound Bath - Experience Perth Hills 13 October 2023
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Restful Waters | Sonic Immersion Sound Bath

Allow a deeply relaxing soundscape to ignite your senses and guide you into absolute peace & bliss as your mind slows down and stills. The frequencies of instruments like sound bowls and gongs have been used for centuries to support a sense of calm and wellbeing in people.

Join Restful Waters and melt away with the vibrations of 15+ instruments, and open to the stillness and spaciousness within yourself.

They use a combination of different instruments at each event: including crystal singing bowls, chimes, singing with harmonium, acoustic guitar, gongs, rainsticks, and drums.

The instruments used in the Sound Bath have been carefully selected to produce frequencies conducive to relaxation and a calm mind.

Give yourself the gift of peace and allow yourself to find rejuvenation with our 2-hour Sound Bath: Sonic Immersion.

For more information, please visit Restful Waters’s website:

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