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THC Araluen

The Hike Collective | Hidden Secrets of Araluen Guided Hike

Araluen Botanic Park is an extraordinary garden in a breathtakingly beautiful bushland setting. Enjoy this exclusive opportunity to discover the hidden secrets behind the locked gates of Araluen. A 4.5km hike through stoned pathways across the terraces that are lined by enormous stone pillars and shaded jarrah pergolas. View the circa 1930’s log cabins located in each garden precinct and learn about Araluen’s heritage and history.

Your hike begins with a taste of the original and untouched bushlands of Araluen with a ‘heart starting’ warm up, heading up the hillside before the trail evens out and continues over undulating landscapes to the dam.  Discover the rich orchard history and times before Araluen became the Botanic Park that it is today.  As we come back into the 14 hectares of developed gardens, you can visit the varying precincts, featuring various exotic plant species that flourish in the cool micro climate of the Perth Hills Roleystone.

Araluen flourishes amongst an undulating native backdrop of Eucalyptus, Marri and Blackbutt Trees, with collections of banksia, grass trees and man ferns amongst flowering blooms, it is an experience for the senses. This tour is short and sweet, but does begin with an unsuspecting incline to introduce you to the rugged beauty of Araluen.

Seasonal florals on display range from sunflowers in the early summer to Tulips in the spring, and over 3,500 rose bushes at various times of the year.  There is always something to see at Araluen!

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