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Winter Night Sky Tour

Perth Observatory

Brace yourself for a cosmic adventure as you unveil the captivating mysteries of the winter sky. As the temperatures drop and the stars shine brightly overhead, the Observatory’s team of passionate volunteers will guide you on an awe-inspiring adventure through the celestial wonders that grace the winter sky. Leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life as you are transported to a realm of breathtaking beauty and cosmic revelations. Astronomers consider winter the best time for viewing the southern skies, as the cold weather provides clear conditions to observe the galactic centre passing overhead, revealing many deep-sky treasures that may not be visible in the summer.

In the event of clouds or rain on the night of your tour, the dedicated volunteers at the Perth Observatory will provide an amazing guided tour of the facility. Regardless of the weather, there is always hot chocolate at the end of the night. So, put on your warmest coat, beanie, and boots, and come up the hill for a unique experience.

For all the information, and to book, visit the website.

Event Information

- 9:30pm
Perth Observatory
337 Walnut Road, Bickley


Perth Observatory
337 Walnut Road, Bickley
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