Zig Zag Gallery | DIVERSITY - Experience Perth Hills 20 October 2023
Zig Zag Gallery Carter and Anderson

Zig Zag Gallery | DIVERSITY

Lee Carter and Maureen Anderson have diverse styles, but a common interest in nature and remembered histories.

Maureen’s landscapes have the power to evoke different reflections and sensations, according to the time of days and the places depicted.

In her work, Lee’s birds suggest an alternative reality. They inhabit spaces which are not their usual domain. Each bird has a different narrative – some mischievous, some comical.

Diversity is about the spectrum of practices between two friends. Each artist has been on a journey through art appreciation. Lee is a member of The Contemporary Artist Society of WA and works in oils and watercolours. Maureen has exhibited in Portugal, and works in acrylic, pen, and watercolour. Both artists explore concepts of nature and birdlife in their practices, and wonder at the freedom, agility, colour and song of birds, and of nature.

During exhibitions, the Zig Zag Gallery is open from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday, and from 10am to 4pm on weekends and public holidays.


Hourly Schedule

Monday to Friday

9am - 4pm

Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays

10am - 4pm
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