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Anamchara Pathways

Psychic Dinners was born in 2003, starting out in a small café in Mandurah. It was passed down in 2004 to current owner Cherry by her psychic mother, and became Anamchara Pathways, expanding into Metro Perth, including venues in the Perth Hills.

The word Anamchara (ahn-im-KAR-uh), is Gaelic for “soul friends”, and Pathways signifies the Earth journey we are all on together. Psychic Dinners is all about people coming together for spiritual support and guidance. 

+61 412 436 320
16 June 2024

Psychic Dinner | Avocados Café 

Anamchara Pathways
8 June 2024

Psychic Dinner | Kalamunda Hotel

Anamchara Pathways
18 May 2024

Psychic Lunch | Darlington Estate

Anamchara Pathways