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I am passionate about herbs and anything to do with them, making medicine, gardening, art, crafts and sustainability. I have been using and learning about herbs for a long time, yet only after my daughter was born did I realise that this is my calling, so I embarked on the path of becoming a herbalist. I am registered with the Complementary Medicine Association, which requires their members to undertake Continuing Practitioner Education. What I love about herbalism is that you never stop learning- there is such an immense amount to learn about plants that it would take lifetimes to learn everything. My passion and interests are in stress, mood and sleep disorders, considering that it was these issues that had led me to herbal healing. I am happy to help with any other ailments, ranging from acute infections to chronic conditions. I look forward to sharing your journey of healing with you and guiding you on your way back to balance.





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