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KattaMorda Heritage Trail

Distance : 31 km | Grade : 3
NOTE: All are approximate and will vary depending on individual fitness and ability levels.

A 30-kilometre trail from Bickley Reservoir to Mundaring that features sites of significance in the history of the timber, forestry, horticultural and tourist industries, the Goldfields Water Scheme, and the area’s natural history. The length of the trail provides an interesting and challenging excursion for experienced bushwalkers, connecting with no less than 11 designated trails, while easy vehicle access to several pick-up points along the way allows the trail to be covered in more leisurely short stages. The word KattaMorda is the Noongar name for the Darling Range, the escarpment that runs from northeast of Perth south to Pemberton, just east of the Swan coastal plain. This trail has been revived by the Friends of KattaMorda.

Dogs not permitted.

The markers for this trail display the footprint of the potoroo.

Visit the website for maps and further information.

KattaMorda Trail