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The KRB story started in 2008, when Bev and Dave McKee experimented with cider recipes using a cheap home-style setup on the family farm. We have fond memories recalling early batches of the brew, most of which were barely drinkable but of course, we drank them, anyway!

Over time, our experience grew, our recipes evolved, and our cider got better. People began to visit our farm on warm, sunny afternoons to say hello and share our family’s delightful brew. It was during one of those afternoons that the idea for KRB was born. Since then, we have grown to a dedicated venue with a stand-alone brewery where we handcraft our cider and beer creations. We also have a fully equipped bar and restaurant with a revolving summer/winter menu featuring classic pub meals and weekend specials. We open our doors and invite you and your family to enjoy a drink and a meal with us. From our family to yours.