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Paint n Sip | Frida

Byford & Districts Country Club

The team at BDCC don’t usually provide a lot of context behind the painting choices during their Paint ‘n’ Sip sessions, but this is worth the read! Strong, independent women, keep reading!

They are delighted to be paying homage to the incredible Frida Kahlo. Frida was a Mexican painter, best known for her uncompromising and brilliantly coloured self-portraits, in which her unibrow, faint moustache, and piercing gaze were instantly recognisable. Her paintings, which were very controversial at the time (early 1900’s), depicted the raw and truthful aspects of the female experience, covering painful subjects such as childbirth and miscarriage. She defied gendered clothing norms and refused to be limited by societal gender stereotypes. Although she rejected the beauty standards and lifestyle expectations forced upon women, she embraced and often took artistic inspiration from her womanhood.

In this session you’ll explore Frida Kahlo’s unique approach to art and take a deeper look into her life. Fhe is an empowering inspiration to many.

The ticket price includes all art materials and your first drink (beer, wine, house spirit or soft drink). Beginners welcome and encouraged. This is a fun and lively event, led by the wonderful Tegan from Brushes ‘n’ Bubbly.

For further information, and to book, visit the website.

Event Information

- 9:30pm
Byford & Districts Country Club
88 Linton Street, North Byford


Byford & Districts Country Club
88 Linton Street, North Byford
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