Talk | Which Local Bird Is That? - Experience Perth Hills 16 February 2024
Which local bird is that

Talk | Which Local Bird Is That?

This entertaining and practical talk is presented by Mike Green. Mike is an avid and experienced bird watcher, and very knowledgeable about birds in the Perth Hills and in his Kalamunda garden.

As well as providing practical tips, and superb bird photographs and videos, his bird calls and imitations of bird behaviour will bring this presentation alive!

You will learn how to –

  • Identify the local birds in the City of Kalamunda area.
  • Know what to look for when a bird lands in your garden, street or reserve.
  • Recognize their different calls, appearance and habits.
  • Separate out those difficult little brown birds.
  • Discover the best bird books, binoculars, and bird apps to help you.
  • Gain the top tips for finding the birds more easily and enjoy the birds even more.

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