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Kalamunda’s Winter Wine-derland


As winter spreads its frosty magic over the picturesque landscape of the Perth Hills, there’s no better time to embark on a wine and cider journey through the Bickley Valley, Pickering Brook, and Carmel regions.

Moreover, these hidden gems are home to a vibrant wine and cider scene, where lush vineyards and orchards come alive with various flavours.

So, join us on a winter escapade as we explore the exquisite Wine & Cider that await you in this captivating corner of Western Australia.

The Packing Shed at Lawnbrook, Bickley Valley
Bickley Valley: A Haven for Wine Lovers Nestled in the heart of Perth Hills Kalamunda

Bickley Valley beckons wine enthusiasts with its rolling vineyards and charming cellar doors. Step into a world of aromatic whites and robust reds as you sample the region’s finest vintages. The winter backdrop enhances the ambience, allowing you to indulge in a glass of your favourite wine or savour a gourmet meal paired with a perfect vintage.

Pickering Brook: Orchards and Cider Galore

Venturing into Pickering Brook is a treat for the senses, as apple and pear orchards stretch as far as the eye can see. Furthermore, this region is renowned for its exceptional ciders, and winter is the ideal time to explore their full-bodied flavours. Additionally, for a unique experience, join a cider masterclass and learn about the art of cider production from the experts themselves. Moreover, warm up with a cup of mulled cider and soak in the breathtaking views of the surrounding hills.

Experience Perth Hills - Things To Do - Food And Drink - La Fattoria Perth Hills
La Fattoria Perth Hills, Pickering Brook
Carmel: Wine and Unforgettable Experiences

Make your way to Carmel, where a blend of wineries and scenic beauty awaits. Start your journey by visiting one of the family-owned wineries, pairing your wine tastings with a cheese platter featuring local delights. As you explore Carmel, be sure to savour the warmth and hospitality of the region’s winemakers and artisans.

Escape the winter chill and immerse yourself in the world of wine and cider in the enchanting Perth Hills Kalamunda region.

The Wine & Cider in Bickley Valley, Pickering Brook, and Carmel offer a sensory journey through vineyards, orchards, and rustic cellar doors.

Bundle up, sip on exquisite beverages, and RECHARGE amidst the beauty of the Perth Hills.

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