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Bickley Harvest Festival

The Bickley Harvest Festival has been a Perth Hills institution since 2000.

The event runs across 20+ different venues, with opportunities to enjoy the finest wine, cider, spirits, produce, food, scenery, and attractions of the breathtaking Bickley Valley region, just 35 minutes from Perth.

It is a festival whereby you choose your own adventure, and plan ahead which venues you want to visit for your experience. Each venue caters for a different audience and some will require that you book ahead, while others will cater for those who just want to pop in for a tasting, bite to eat, see the open studio, or just soak in the amazing scenery of Perth Hills orchards and vineyards.

The Bickley Harvest Festival is an event of the Kalamunda Chamber of Commerce.

Bickley Valley
Perth Hills
+61 487 431 361
3 May 2024
- 5 May 2024

Bickley Harvest Festival | 25th Anniversary

Bickley Harvest Festival