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Create A Colourful Life

Welcome to Create a Colourful Life.

Join Debra on an exciting journey of living life to the fullest!

Debra is an upbeat, expressive, resolute, accountable, and self-reliant person, is reflective, and loves getting lost in writing stories. She leads by example and always look for ways to move forward through any adversity toward her vision.

Her is to empower and enable others to face and work through their limited beliefs and embrace the full potential just waiting to be realised. In her early twenties Debra delved into Colour Therapy (Aura-Soma) and combined this with numerology, astrology, and her fascination with crystals and minerals. It was soon after this she discovered the craft of making face cream and soap.

She has now perfected her homemade formula and added a few new tricks. Debra sources organic products wherever possible and use DoTERRA essential oils and high quality crystals, not to mention filtered alkaline mineral water (Zazen Water) used in the atomiser range.

+61 409 455 559