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Shire of Mundaring

The Shire of Mundaring covers an area of 644 square kilometres with 46% of its total area being national park, state forest or other reserves. Tourism is a vibrant and growing part of the region, with nature based activities and facilities a priority. The Shire comprises of 19 distinct villages or town sites – each with their own unique charm.

The original inhabitants of the Mundaring area were the Nyungar Aboriginal people. The name ‘Mundaring’ is thought to come from an Aboriginal word meaning “a high place on a high place” or “the place of the grass tree leaves”.

European settlement dates from the 1840s with the land initially being used mainly for timber-cutting, quarrying, vineyards, orcharding and poultry farming. With a population of some 36,000 the early industries of timber milling, quarrying, orcharding and poultry farming have been replaced by the arts, eco-tourism, a growing wine industry, small business and hobby farming.

Mundaring is rich in history, art and natural attractions and is a wonderful area for bush walking and cycling. The Munda Biddi Trail starts here, and the 59 kilometre Railway Reserves Heritage Trail stretches the entire length of the Shire from west to east. There are pubs, cafes, award winning restaurants and galleries, granite outcrops with spectacular views, five national parks and the amazing Karakamia Wildlife Sanctuary.

Shire of Mundaring
7000 Great Eastern Highway, Mundaring
+61 8 9290 6666
27 May 2024

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Shire of Mundaring