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WAGE | WA Gravity Enduro

Enduro racing isn’t just for the pros – it’s for everyone! From weekend warriors to families, kids to seniors, all come together to test their mettle on the iconic trails of WA. It’s where you find out who truly reigns supreme as the Mountain Biking Athletes of Western Australia.

WAGE is all about giving back to the community, inspiring healthy competition, and fostering a thriving riding culture. Whether it’s the rookies pushing their limits, or the elites making waves on the global stage, they’re proud of every single rider.

WAGE is committed to providing top-notch Enduro experiences across Western Australia, giving back through donations, fundraisers, and supporting local initiatives. They work hand-in-hand with trail custodians, governments, local businesses, and Auscycling to ensure events are top-notch, and leave a positive impact.

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10 August 2024
- 11 August 2024

State Championships | Race 5

WAGE | WA Gravity Enduro