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Statham's Quarry Walk

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Statham’s Quarry Walk

Distance : 5.9 km | Grade : 4 | Time to Complete: 150 minutes  NOTE: All are approximate and will vary depending on individual fitness and ability levels.

Gooseberry Hill National Park, Lascelles Parade, Gooseberry Hill. A fairly strenuous walk, with a few loose stony sections. The views are spectacular and the wildflowers in spring are magnificent. The walk gives access to the now disused Statham’s Quarry. A major attraction on this walk is the former Zig Zag Railway trail,  built to take timber from the Hills to Midland Junction until its closure in 1949.

Dogs not permitted.

Click HERE for further details, a map, trail notes, and a KML file.


Statham's Quarry Walk