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National Park Falls (JFNP)

Twelve Must-Visit Perth Hills Waterfalls


Winter in the Perth Hills is not just about cosy fireplaces and mugs of hot chocolate. For those with a sense of adventure, it’s the best time of the year to explore the region! Late winter and early spring are when the waterfalls of the Perth Hills are at their spectacular peak, especially just after a heavy downpour. These dozen cascading beauties are the highlight of our hiking season.

Noble Falls (Gidgegannup)

Noble Falls is a nature lover’s dream. The glistening cascades are one of the first waterfalls to flow each year, and also the most accessible. The falls are found right at the reserve’s car park, which makes it easier for those with accessibility issues to see the waterfall action. The area is also a popular picnic spot, with nature-packed walk trails too.

Find Noble Falls at 2621 Toodyay Road, Gidgegannup.


Noble Falls
Noble Falls (image Virat Shah)

National Park Falls (John Forrest National Park)

Situated in the renowned John Forrest National Park, the National Park Falls is a great way to top off a bushwalk. Found alongside the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail, you can easily walk here from the main car park (fees apply), or from the Swan View Tunnel. After a good rain, the waterfall becomes a dramatic spectacle, pouring down the huge granite boulders.

Find National Park Falls in John Forrest National Park, Park Road, Hovea.


National Park Falls (JFNP)
National Park Falls (image @john_daws_vdc)

Lesmurdie Falls (Lesmurdie)

Arguably one of the most popular waterfalls in the Perth Hills, Lesmurdie Falls provides breathtaking panoramic vistas of the waterfall and across to the city from its lookout points. One lookout point is positioned directly at the top of the falls, where you can see water gushing right underneath your feet, as it cascades down the Darling Scarp.

Find Lesmurdie Falls at Falls Road, Lesmurdie.


Lesmurdie Falls
Lesmurdie Falls (image @john_daws_vdc)

Sixty Foot Falls (Martin)

One of the tallest waterfalls in the Perth Hills, the Sixty Foot Falls at Ellis Brook Valley Reserve is a sight to behold when it’s in full flow. The reserve’s four different walk trails around the valley offer varying levels of difficulty but ensure stunning views of the waterfall and the city beyond.

Find Sixty Foot Falls at Ellis Brook Valley Reserve, Rushton Road, Martin.

Sixty Foot Falls (Ellis Brook Valley)
Sixty Foot Falls (image @john_daws_vdc)

Serpentine Falls (Serpentine National Park)

The picturesque Serpentine Falls is found in the Serpentine National Park, making it a great spot for a weekend drive. Its surrounding picnic and barbecue facilities make it an ideal location for lunch. Pair this with a picnic and you’ve got the perfect Perth Hills day out.

Find Serpentine Falls at Serpentine National Park, Falls Road, Serpentine.


Serpentine Falls
Serpentine Falls (image Virat Shah)

FR Berry Reserve (Gidgegannup)

Another gem from Gidge, the FR Berry Reserve, offers picture-perfect falls that are as red as its namesake! The red rocks give the waterfall a magical appearance. It’s a perfect spot to sit and soak up the peace. Plus, the bush trails of the reserve are dog friendly too.

Find FR Berry Reserve at Reen Road, Gidgegannup.


FR Berry Reserve
FR Berry Reserve (image @dj_jebus)

Hovea Falls (John Forrest National Park)

Can’t get enough waterfall action? Hovea Falls is just a 1.9km walk from the National Park Falls. Hovea Falls offers a different kind of charm, the cascade flows over a wide flat rock face. The surrounding area, teeming with native plants, birds and animals, makes it a must-visit bush-walking spot in the Perth Hills. You’re sure to spot a ‘roo or two!

Find Hovea Falls in John Forrest National Park, Park Road, Hovea.


Hovea Falls
Hovea Falls (image Virat Shah)

Falls Park (Parkerville)

A hidden oasis, Falls Park in Parkerville boasts an almost secret spot to sit on a big boulder and watch the water flow by. This peaceful place is very close to the Parkerville Tavern, so be sure to stop by for a bite to eat.

Find Falls Park 1km west of the Parkerville Tavern, off the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail, Hovea.


Falls Park
Falls Park (image Amanda Carlin)

Whistlepipe Gully (Lesmurdie)

A place where nature sings, Whistlepipe Gully has a series of small falls that flow through the rocky terrains, down the hillside. The walking track is bursting with wildflowers during winter and spring. Plus, the old “Japanese House” foundations tell an interesting story of the past.

Find Whistlepipe Gully at Lewis Road, Forrestfield

Please note that the carpark at Lewis Road is closed until the end of August 2023 (estimated).


Whistlepipe Gully
Whistlepipe Gully (image @gregrowney)

Rocky Pool (Kalamunda)

This secluded waterfall in Kalamunda National Park is not just a visual treat but also a favourite among those looking for a refreshing dip (weather permitting!). Surrounded by rugged terrains, a hike to Rocky Pool gives an adventurous edge to your waterfall expedition.

Find Rocky Pool in Kalamunda National Park.



Rocky Pool
Rocky Pool (@_davidgold_)

Araluen Botanic Gardens (Roleystone)

While Araluen Botanic Gardens is not home to massive waterfalls, the gushing winter creeks have many smalls, but beautiful falls surrounded by lush foliage and ferns. The gardens are teeming with flowers in late winter and early spring when the annual “Its Yates Springtime” tulip festival is held. In 2023, this begins on August 18th.

Find Araluen Botanic Gardens at 362 Croyden Road, Roleystone.


Araluen Botanic Park
Araluen Botanic Park (image Amanda Carlin)

Gooralong Falls (Jarrahdale)

Rounding off our list is the gorgeous Gooralong Falls, found on the popular Kitty’s Gorge hiking trail. Gooralong Falls is best reached from the Jarrahdale end of this track (it’s 7km one way to Serpentine Falls National Park), and believe us, it is well worth the trek!

Find the trail head near Jarrahdale Cemetery, Atkins St, Jarrahdale.

Gooralong Falls (Kitty's Gorge)
Gooralong Falls (image Virat Shah)

The Perth Hills during winter is a waterfall wonderland just waiting to be explored. Each flowing cascade offers something different, depending if you’re looking for a long hike or a family-friendly day out. Lace-up those walking shoes and take a wander to a waterfall. Chasing waterfalls in the Perth Hills awaits!