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Mosaic Workshop | Bee Bath

Perth Mosaic

This workshop is for the total beginner. There is no cutting of tiles, just gluing, all you have to do is choose a design.

A bee bath is a simple bee water feeder in your home garden, and it is a nice touch to set out for your pollinating guests. A bee bath has different levels to allow the bees to access the water so they can step down and drink without drowning. After all, without those busy workers in the garden, you wouldn’t have as many beautiful flowers or fresh vegetables and fruit to harvest.

In this six-hour mosaic workshop, you will choose tiles to glue to a terracotta saucer that is 30cm in diameter. There are many, many tiles to choose from, all shapes, sizes and colours.

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Event Information

- 4:00pm
Perth Mosaic
3/47 Railway Road, Kalamunda


Perth Mosaic
3/47 Railway Road, Kalamunda
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