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The Cheese Shop Perth Hills, located in central Kalamunda, brings you premium quality cheeses sourced from all over the world. They get their hands on the very best cheese from France, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Spain and here in Australia for you to enjoy.

From a huge family gathering, to a midnight snack, their cheeses will delight you.

The ranges varies widely – from well known traditional cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano (authentic Italian parmesan), to not so well knows cheeses like a Tuscan pecorino, infused with white truffle.

Understandably everyone’s taste is different and there is only one way to know if you’ll like a certain cheese and that’s to eat it! You are invited to try a sample; you might just find your new favourite!

Plus, keep your eye out for their Raclette melt events, held during the cooler months. Not to be missed!





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